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May 22 - Drifting has been the ticket. I still got days available in June, July and August. School is coming to the end and time to get the kids out . Go fishing stop wishing....!!



May 7, 2019 .... Let start by saying. I haven’t posted lately but fishing has been good. Here are some pictures and got some day still open in June and July . Stop wishing and let’s go fishing.
Give me a call 9798858298 . Thanks Capt Kevin

March 20, 2019.....Fishing has been good and just going to get better. So don’t wait to get on the books to go fishing. Got days in the week or weekend. Give me a call 979-885-8298. Thanks Capt Kevin




Feb 11, 2019

Fishing has been steady. It’s going to get good around March and spring break is just around the corner. Got some days available yet give me a call. It’s always fun having kids on the boat . Did a conversation goose hunt this weekend and it’s a lot of old birds. I will start running floundering trips in late March . Give me a call to book a trip. Thanks Capt Kevin




Jan 14, 2019

Here's what is going on and in the bay. Duck hunting is been good and fishing has been really good. I have January 18th open for a fishing trip or hunting or we can do both.




Nov 30, 2018

Ok folks, fishing is still good and is going to get better. Duck season was good and the second opener is December 8 and is going to be good to....



Oct 21 --- The bay is shaping up and just going to get better and better. Duck season opens on November 3 so don’t wait to long to get on the books. It’s going to be a great season....!

October 17 -- Ok folks, fishing is still good and just going to get better. With the cold front coming it is going to be good after it. Duck season starts November 3rd and got some days open yet. Don’t wait to long to call to book your trip or you can do a blast and cast....Give me a call to book your trip.
Capt. Kevin 979-885-8298


Oct 8 - Ok folks cool weather is on its way . The fishing is just going to get better as well. But now we are still just about three weeks from big duck season. Season starts November 3 -25 and open back up on December 8 - January 28 . Still have days available for fishing , hunting and if you want to do both in one day called a blast and cast. Give me a call , email or text thanks Capt. Kevin

Sept. 27 - Teal season is good and got this Friday September 28 open. Big duck season is just around the corner so get a day and give me a call . Or if you want to do a blast and cast trip . The fishing is good as well. Thanks Capt. Kevin


Aug 22 -- Fishing is still good and we are getting ready for teal season. It starts September 15-30 still got some days open. Teal are starting to show up. Give me a call 9798858298 thanks Capt Kevin

July 18 -- Ok lets start by saying that the bay is on fire. Both bays are holding good fish in them .
Here’s some pictures for you . I got some days open in August and September and October.



June 20.... Ok fishing has been good. We are getting the much needed rain it’s going to help the bay and fishing, hunting for teal season. I still got days open in July and August and September give me a call or text . 979 885 8298 thanks Capt. Kevin


May 15, 2018... Ok I’m sorry about not keeping up with the reports . Wading is on fire and drifting is ok . I am running floundering trip to . I got days open in June , July , August and September . Give me a call or text me at 979-885-8298, thanks........ Capt Kevin

March 12 -- Fishing has been good in Matagorda , spring break is in full swing and looking to be good. Got some days open yet. Take the kids fishing. I will take off $75 for spring break and summer trip . If you book from now until the beginning of may . Give me a call 9798858298. Thanks Capt Kevin



Feb 28 --- Spring break is just around the corner and still got some days open .
Give me a call 979-885-8298


February 7 -- Fishing has been on fire in Matagorda, and spring break is just a month away. This week fishing is good we released some trout from 25-29”. Here are some pictures.

I still have some days open. Give me a call to get on the books.
Call 979-885-8298 ..........Thanks........ Capt Kevin

Jan 2 --- Red fishing is on fire as well with the trout . Ducks are thick and got some days open in January . Give me a call ASAP to get on the books. Hope everyone had a merry Christmas and a happy New Years. Thanks Capt Kevin



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